Here's a small showcase of my recent works with class-leading polish and performance. Each project's image will take you to the source code repository or website for the project, if available.

If you'd like to hire my expertise to help your project shine, get in touch with me.

May 2018 at Gilded Games

The Aether II for Minecraft

Standalone Mod / Game (Java 8), Open-Source (GPLv3)
The Aether II on Gitea

All-time most popular project for Minecraft with just over 2.8 million installations. Worked as Technical Lead to implement many new systems, content, and performance improvements.

March 2019


Java Software, Open Source (GPLv3)
Phosphor on GitHub

A highly optimized replacement of Minecraft's lighting propogation system which reduces overhead significantly on busy servers. Received 1.8 million downloads in 7 months.

December 2018


C# Application, Closed Source

Highly effective automatic moderation tool used in multiple large-crowd communities (20,000 messages/day) for removing abusive online content.

July 2019


Java 8 Library, Open Source (LGPLv3)
Stitcher on GitHub

High-performance Mixin and bytecode manipulation framework for Java which can be used during application runtime.

June 2018

CHIP-8 Emulator

Rust Application, Open Source (Unlicense)
chip8-rs on GitHub

Demonstration of the Rust programming language. Emulates the CHIP-8 system.

Sept 2016 at Gilded Games

Aether Launcher

Java Application, Open Source (GPLv3)
The Aether Launcher on Gitea

Lead developer at Gilded Games for our game laucher. Received thousands of unique installations per day and significantly grew our user base.

Sept 2019


Website, Public Source, All Rights Reserved

My personal website and portfolio. Built to be lightweight with modern technologies, weighing in just under 60KB.

Feb 2019 at Gilded Games


Website, Closed Source
The Gilded Games website

Landing page for the team at Gilded Games. Significantly improved brand recognition and accessibility.